Chinese Learning
MeiZhou Chinese (美洲華語)
This is the main Chinese textbooks we teach in school, including Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. (全球華文網)
This is a main platform for Chinese online learning with combination of communities, schools, yellow pages and digital products.

Oversea Chinese Language and Culture Education Online (中国华文教育网
This is a global Chinese language teachers, Chinese young people learning the Chinese language and Chinese traditional culture of professional service platform.

Chinese Dictionaries
Chinese Character Lookup Website  (注音拼音輸入繁體簡體字典)
The dictionary of Zhuyin and Pinyin for both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Dictionary of Chinese Idioms (教育部成語典)
This dictionary provides the search of Chinese Idioms.

Online Xinhua Dictionary (在线新华字典)
Xinhua Dictionary online edition, including Pinyin, radicals, strokes, comments, and source.

Chinese Pinyin Computing
Pinyin Joe's Chinese Computing Help Desk
Great resource for help on entering text in Chinese for Windows and Mac.


Bible Resources
Bible International

Chinese Bible Online  (中文圣经在线)

Taiwan Bible  (台灣聖經網)

in Bay Area
Forerunner Church(慕主先鋒教會)

Fountain of Joy Prayer Church (基督教喜樂泉禱告教會)

Home Of Christ (HOC) (北加州:基督之家)

River of Life Christian Church(生命河靈糧堂)

South Bay Agrape Christian Church(南灣愛修葡萄園)

The Home Church

Christian Media
FarEast Broadcasting (遠東廣播公司)

Good TV (好消息電視台)

Good News Broadcasting Association (佳音電台)

Christian Music
Clay Music (泥土音樂)

Heavenly Music (天韻)

Heaventunes International (有情天)

Joshua   (約書亞樂團)

Lamb Music (小羊詩歌)

Melody of My Heart (我心旋律)

Stream of Music Praise Ministries (讚美之泉)

Family Resources
Chinese Family for Christ International (真愛家庭協會)

Family Keepers International (國際家庭更新協會)

Focus on the Family

Other Christian Resources
Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (基督教角聲佈道團:北加州分會)

Touchlife Mission (神采飛揚)