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    Fall, Winter, and Spring Classes :

    2020 - 2021 School Year Information Page

    Faith Hope & Love Chinese School specializes in a five day per week after-school Chinese class. Classes are held Monday through Friday for 80 minutes a day. During these 80 minutes we have an intensive lesson which strives for the highest academic standards for listening, speaking, reading, and writing, so that our students are not required to spend any time doing Chinese homework when they return home. We use both Zhuyin and Hanyu Pinin to help students develop correct pronunciation, and traditional and simplified Chinese are taught together in the same classroom.  Our curriculum is developed with a focus on the child growing up in the United States by follows the five major objectives developed by the American Association of Foreign Language Teaching and accommodates those planning to take the Chinese AP and Chinese SAT II test. We use songs, skits, and stories to enhance the joy of learning.

    Elective Classes:
    Students can also participate in elective classes, which are held once a week after Chinese class. Electives classes include self-defense, Go (chess), art, and violin. Please see the school bulletin board for more information about what electives are offered and how to register.

    Summer Camp :

    Faith Hope & Love Chinese School’s Summer Camp program provides an immersive environment for children to learn Chinese. Each week a different theme is used to teach the students in a way that is both fun and applicable. We use reading and public speaking to improve oral expression skills and also focus on reading comprehension. Students also participate in other fun activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, and physical education.

    Special Events :

    Each year we hold two special events to give the children an opportunity to showcase what they’ve been learning. In December we have a Christmas performance, and in May we have a Mother’s Day performance along with an Open House.