Welcome! Faith Hope & Love Chinese School was founded in 1989. Our philosophy is to cultivate a strong desire for learning in a happy and relaxed environment. Children at our school learn Chinese as well as Christian teachings from the Bible. We have caring teachers, a large grassy field to play in, the support of many parents of past students.

Classes are held Monday through Friday afternoons. Each day we have an intensive lesson which strives for the highest academic standards for listening, speaking, reading, and writing, so that our students are not required to spend any time doing Chinese homework when they return home. We use both Zhuyin and Hanyu Pinin to help students develop correct pronunciation, and traditional and simplified Chinese are taught together in the same classroom. Our curriculum is developed with a focus on the child growing up in the United States. We use songs, skits, and stories to enhance the joy of learning.

We hope our efforts will bring the greatest blessings to your child.

本校創立於1989年,我們有青翠、寬廣的草地,優良的師資,自創校以來一直得到家長的肯定與支持。 我們所持的理念是:培養孩童強烈的學習意願,在快樂與輕鬆的環境中學習中文,同時配合聖經的教導來塑造孩童的品德。

信望愛中文學校提供的中文教學,都有嚴謹的要求;用生動活潑的方式教學,激發孩子們學習中文的興趣,更紮實學生的聽、說、讀、寫之能力,孩子回家不必另做任何中文功課。 我們使用注音符號和漢語拼音來幫助孩子發音及閱讀,選用的教材是最適合在美國生長的孩子。

中文是我們主要的課程,使用唱遊,說故事和演短劇來提升孩子們學習的樂趣,呈現多元化的教學。 另外我們也提供英文學校課業輔導。 盼望我們的努力能帶給您的孩子最大的祝福。