When our founder (洪老師) immigrated to the United States she had a vision of an after school Chinese school. At the time she did not know Jesus. After she became a Christian, she realized the vision was from the Lord. At the same time the words “Faith Hope & Love” was placed in her heart, and further convinced her that Faith Hope & Love Chinese School was her calling from God.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." (1 Corinthians 13:13)

We teach Chinese as a foundation, while teaching truths from the Bible to guide the children’s growth, teaching the children to love God and love one another. This has been Faith Hope & Love Chinese School’s mission since it began in 1989 and remains the same today.

Although we spend an hour each on Chinese lessons, we also spend 20 minutes each day singing worship songs and learning Bible verses. All our teachers are dedicated Christian brothers and sisters with rich teaching experience, who give selflessly.

In 2009, through the leading of our Lord, Faith Hope & Love School changed to a non-profit organization. Our vision for the future of the school is to create a full day English and Chinese bilingual school, to raise up children for God’s kingdom who love the Lord and love one another.

當年學校的創辦人洪老師剛到美國時,神就讓她“看見”----課後中文學校。 那時, 她還不認識耶穌。直到她信主之後,她才明白當年的“看見”是來自 神的旨意,同時,自幼 神就把“信望愛”三個字放在她的心中,就更肯定信望愛中文學校是 神所命定的!


學校的老師們是一群愛主的弟兄姐妹,有著豐富的教學經驗,大家甘願奉獻自己,在信望愛這片土地上播種、耕耘,灑下淚水、汗水,用信心持守,盼望著神國收穫的日子到來!學校於2009年在 神的催促及帶領下成立財團法人非營利機構,至於學校的未來,我們有感動轉型成爲一個全日制的基督教中英文雙語學校,秉持我們一貫愛神和愛人的信念來培育神國的精兵。