Parents - 家長感言 - 恩典的記號

Whitney Li (李昊/李心怡的媽媽)


Susie (Xena’s mom )

Wow has it been 30 years for FHL? Happy anniversary. I remember when Xena spoke on stage in Chinese at the Christmas performance. I was so very proud of her. When she started at FHL in kindergarten in 2005, she did not know Mandarin. I am embarrassed to admit that I cannot speak Mandarin and I would never have been able to teach her any Chinese. I saw how happy and confident she grew at FHL - singing, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. I felt that the FHL teachers were all mothers to Xena.

Thank you so much.

Serena (楊善華的媽媽)




Xuetao Zhan (王婧怡的妈妈)


王苹 (王开文/王姝文的妈妈)



林嘉音 (章善喆/章善行/章善為的媽媽)






Lucia (董成光的媽媽)



Lawrence Louie (Tiffany & Ashley’s dad )

I want to take this opportunity to thank God for my kid's opportunity to attend the Faith, Love and Hope Chinese school. It is truly a blessing.

My older daughter, Tiffany, has attended various after school programs prior to FH&L, and we have found that FH&L was the best. This is because the teachers in the school always teach her with all their heart and love. Rather than giving them more recess time to play or to do their own school homework, they spend more time singing, teaching, and learning the Bible. Also, the teachers here are multi-talented. They not only need to teach, but also they need to sing and dance along with the kids.

As my older one grows older, I have found that FH&L has built her a good Mandarin foundation; more importantly, her relationship with God. I remembered when she was attending FH&L in 2011 for the first few weeks, she was struggling with the Bopomofo. Rather than giving up on her, teacher had worked patiently with her after class to catch her up. This is amazing. Also, I want to thank all the teachers for their love as well. Because of this, I would always promote this school to all my friends.

When my younger daughter enrolled in the Chinese school during her kindergarten in 2014, Ashley enjoys teacher a lot since teacher will reward them with candy as an encouragement.

On the other hand, I would like to thank all the teachers here. They do not treat the teaching as a job, instead they treat all the kids like a family. They want them to learn and succeed. They also use this opportunity to spread the good news. I have worked with the school to reach out to non-believers to attend church, as well as go to their house to do Christmas caroling. I know that we might not be able to see the result during our time, but at least we try to sow seed, and let God do the rest!

Every time my family drives by the school, it brings back many good memories. It's all the good memories that I would never forget. I wish that my kids are still young and could go back there and start all over. However, I guess I will need to wait for my grandkids. As the pandemic improves, my family is planning to do some missionary trips using Mandarin skills they learn from FH&L.

Thanks to teacher Hung and David for leading the school and providing the best education and spiritual love to my kids. I would never forget all you have done! Even though my kids have graduated, I would always come back when you need me. I would come back even if you do not need me. :) I might just want to drop by and say hi along with bringing you some coffee or boba.

Thank you!

Rini Buntaran ( Zhan Rzui Hung’s mom )

Finding this Chinese school is truly God’s answered prayer for our family. Not only did FHL teach Chinese to my daughter from 2012, but also taught her the “Chinese manner” of how kids should be. FHL taught them some beautiful songs to praise the Lord, how to pray to God every day, how to memorize Bible verses and many others on top of the Chinese lessons. These are an add-on value that no other Chinese school offers.

I am very grateful for everything that FHL have done. It is always nice to see the children’s performance during the Christmas celebration and open house as a recap of what the children have learned during the year. Even though Rzui Hung is no longer with FHL, the CDs of the performances always bring back nice memories of the Chinese school. I hope God continues to use FHL as a channel of blessings to many more children.

Joanne (余至恩/余在恩的媽媽)


我的孩子也在信望愛中文學校經歷聖靈充滿,對聖經的認識,被詩歌所感動,福音的種子不知不覺的也撒在他們幼小的心中,最後決定受洗將生命交給神。我非常感動信望愛中文學校老師們對學生的負擔和持續的禱告, 他們用愛和生命、言教身教,並以培育未來領袖的心態在帶領所有的學生


Kiki Tan (Maximilan (Hong Wei)、 Wesley (Hong Yi) ’s mom)

I remember when my first one, Hong Wei, was in FHL’s kindergarten class in 2014. One morning, someone broke into our house when we were still sleeping and took our wallet and some other things. I emailed principal David that day to let him know that Hong Wei can’t come to class that afternoon because we have to file a police report, get a new driver license and so on. That night, Hong Wei’s teacher called me to find out what happened and then she prayed for us. I knew right then that we were not just enrolling in a school, we are joining a family in Christ. What a blessing it has been.

Our family doesn’t speak Chinese at home so it’s harder for our kids to learn Chinese. I remember one afternoon when it was Hong Wei’s turn to recite the Chinese memorization. He was very nervous when he came to school. When I dropped him off, two of his friends were walking by his side, saying “Hong Wei, it’s your turn today, don’t worry you can do it.” Then when it was his turn to recite the story; he stopped because he forgot some part. Some of his friends kindly reminded him by shouting the part that he forgot (not sure if they were allowed but I am so grateful they did). It showed that they cared and wanted him to be able to finish reciting the whole story. They gave him a pat on the back once he was done.

Thank you FHL family for being here throughout the years for so many families. Our family especially is forever grateful to part of this school family. We are grateful not only for the Chinese lessons, but for the prayerful teachers and loving friends that our kids can grow up together with. May God continue to bless Faith Hope and Love School to be His salt and light to many children and families here in the Bay Area.